predictable leads for car detailers

Detailing Business Owners:

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Hey, I’m Josh! I’ve spent over 10 years immersed in auto detailing and spray painting, turning cars into works of art.

My life got super exciting when I met Ruby, my now-better half, who’s an absolute marketing genius. Tired of the same old 9-to-5 and a boss who didn’t see her true worth, Ruby was ready for a change. We both wanted something a little more – something that really sparked a fire in us.

So, we had this cool idea: What if we combined my passion for cars and auto detailing with her marketing savvy? That’s how Detail Up came to life over 5 years ago!

Our goal is to totally shake up how auto detailing businesses succeed in today’s competitive online world. We’ve been turning local businesses into multi six-figure companies, and we hope you may be our next success story.

Pic: Ruby and I on a recent trip to Patagonia, South America

How Our Smart Detailing System Works

We Work With Only One Detailer Per Area: Our goal is to turn you into the go-to expert for auto detailing in your local area. We only work with one business in each area and send the calls to you exclusively.

Guaranteed Calls: We promise you’ll start receiving calls within the very first week after launch. If we don’t deliver you’ll get your money back. Our smart detailing system is so finely tuned that it now generates over 7,000 calls monthly for our clients around the world. Our focus is to connect customers directly with your business – not your competitors.

Our Results Speak For Themselves: Over the last 5 years, we’ve teamed up with over 65 companies across Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Canada. And yes, they’re pretty stoked about what we do.

🔥 Recent Results

Our partners have seen huge changes since working with us – fuller schedules, better clients, and yeah, some serious business growth. Heres some recent results:

🚀 What's In It For You?

  1. Visibility That Counts: It’s not just about being seen by potential customers; it’s about being seen by the right eyes at exactly the right time. 

  2. Life-Changing Results: More calls mean more work, which means more cash for the things you love (like maybe that holiday you always talk about with your wife or that new car you always wanted?).

  3. Clients Who Get It: We connect you with people who understand the value of a good detailing job. No more wasting time with tire kickers!

🛡️ We Help You Overcome Challenges In Your Business

  • No More Guessing Games: Unsure where the next job’s coming from? We help sort that out. Consistency is key, and we’ve got you covered.

  • Building Your Brand: We’re not just about flashy campaigns. It’s about making your business a local legend for quality and trust.

  • Room to Grow: Thinking about hiring more hands? We help set the stage for you to expand your business without the headaches.

💡 So, Why Detail Up?

  1. We Specialise In Working With Only Detailers: This isn’t just business; it’s personal. We know the industry, the jobs you really want, and the ideal customers you are after.

  2. Personalised Approach: We work with only one detailer per area; it’s like having your own personal business assistant.

  3. We Use A Proven System That Works: We implement the same smart detailing system into your business that has worked for others around the world for the last 5 years.

🤔 Interested In More Customers? Apply Today!

If you are wanting at least an extra 60 jobs in the next 90 days without even having to lift a finger, why not apply to work with us today?

⚠️Important: Must Read Before Applying

  • Due to the personalized nature of how we work with clients, we’re very selective about who we choose to partner with. The more details you give us, the better. Not everyone who applies is invited to a discovery call.

  • You MUST already have an existing detailing business, proven track record of success and perform quality work every time.

  • After you fill out an application, I will personally review your answers, and if I think you’re a good fit, I’ll reach out to you with more specifics.

(Please allow 3-5 mins to finish the application below) 👇

predictable leads for car detailers

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